Sunday, April 18, 2010

Owen gets a haircut and Harper likes a bath!

It's hard to cut your boy's hair. At least for me. I just loved it long and shaggy but it was getting TOO long and I kept meaning to make an appointment at the real hair salon to get some cute "California surfer" cut for Owen. Alas, the 10 minute Barber shop walk-in was too easy. He is crinkling his nose because some little hairs were getting in his face. He kept wanting to bring his hand to his face... anyway, so cute. Harper is 4 months in March and loves to take a bath with Owen and Daddy. She is the sweetest easiest baby minus the part about how she doesn't take a bottle, but HEY, perfection is a lofty goal.

Here are some photos of Owen and Harper in March 2010.

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