Wednesday, December 12, 2007

small change | consignment in Phoenix, AZ

Hello BARGAIN CITY!! I found this great crib (Thanks Gram Sarah), changing table and bookshelf for STEAL at this great consignment shop in Phoenix called "Small Change." I will proceed to do all my shopping there. It's in Paradise Valley where very wealthy folks drop off their very nice very lightly used baby gear AND clothes GALORE (some with the tags on). So I got this hand-painted crib there. Look how cute? Green and yellow (ha, which means we don't have to paint the room) and little doggies and duckies and turtles and pigs... I love it!! Matt can match these little characters on the wall. He is going to paint the ceiling blue with white clouds. So our baby room colors are officially light yellow, light green and other pastels that match. HUGE THANKS to Hollye and Eric (AND Sally Schumacher) who helped me find the store and moved the crib to their garage until I can find a vehicle to pick it up with.

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Mama Eileen said...

The crib is beautiful.
I can't wait to see it.
Sarah is so nice to help you with those things.