Friday, June 27, 2008

Camping in Hart Prairie | Flagstaff, AZ

erin-kate and owen

los tres vans

approximately 6AM

I know this looks fake, but it's real

It seems a tradition that each year we go out to the spot where we got married here in Flagstaff at Hart Prairie and camp out. This year we brought out the vans. D.Kish brought her gimpy arm (went boom boom on a climbing photo shoot), Gomez and Erin-Kate brought their Westy (hello envious) and we brought the red stripe (our van). Have I mentioned that Matt is OBSESSED with the site? He has given up his sports car addition (on ebay) and traded it for VW vanagon obsession. If Go Westy got a dime for every click Matt clicks on that site, they'd be LOADED. Keep in mind an average GoWesty Vanagon costs like $35,000. Yes, I know. I know.

Anyway, Owen was chillin' in his bear costume coupled with a cute hat that our friend Anne made for him. We hope Anne will make him another one as he outgrows this one and maybe a matching one for Mommy.

We used the Graco pack n' play on the first floor of the van and Owen slept well. We draped the pack n' play with blankets so it would stay warmer for the little dude. It's fun and Owen loves the scenery outdoors.

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Sarah/Gran said...

I love to look at these pictures...over and over and, of course, the video.