Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh hi, remember me?

Here's a quick dispatch inspired by Cameron's thorough musings on cloth diapering!

It's taken me nearly 2 years to get the changing table to the point where I really like it (for now...until the next rearranging, at least). While changing table are certainly not an essential piece of furniture, we have a gorgeous one that was in my husband's family and used 20-odd years ago for some of his siblings. We're proud to wipe our son's classy behind on it.

I'm not naturally a very organized person when it comes to stuff like this, so I'm rather pleased with what I've done to our cloth diaper stash:

On the top shelf, you'll see a bright orange bottle that was quite cheap and is more often than not filled with plain ole water. Next to the bottle, we have a plastic box (that once held disposable wipes long ago) in which I keep a stack of (again) plain ole baby wash cloths, which are - of course - are easy to tell apart from bath-time wash cloths. Behind that is a small basket of diaper covers.

The middle shelf is, uh, clothes. Guess you could tell.

The bottom shelf features a lovely blue basket chock full of mostly flat pre-folds, one treasured all-in-one and a handful of fitted diapers. I'm a big fan of that blue basket and am considering buying another one to take the place of the three smaller baskets, which contain odds-and-ends and a enormous supply of second-hand Fuzzi Bunz. We don't use the Fuzzi Bunz often; Tommy tends to get rashy with them, which is in direct contrast to most of the glowing reviews from customers. But they're good in a pinch, and I'm grateful to have scored them at such a good price.

Not pictured: the trash can in which we toss the occasional disposable diaper; a small pail in which we toss dirty diapers and use for clean transportation to the toilet; and a large diaper pail in which toss all the diapers, covers and wipes for washing. Like Cameron, we wash at home - and, also like Cameron, we're big fans of Charlie's Soap!

See, cloth diapering isn't just good for your baby and wallet and environment - it gives you a good excuse to accumulate fun baskets and stuff.

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