Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tommy, Tommy, Tommy

Tommy loves records, Tommy loves Mommy & Daddy, Tommy loves Curious George. My pal, Mary Jessica, who used to be my favorite reporter when I worked at the Athens Banner-Herald, has been kind enough to contribute to my baby business blog. While I was in Athens last month I photographed her precious boy. To all you mommies out there I know how hard it is to snap that shutter fast enough to catch a two year old. Practically impossible without a professional camera. Good thing for f-stop 1.2 and my 85. I can't love that lens enough.


Sarah/Gran said...

What a beautiful little boy! Mary Jessica, do you ever need a sitter?

Mary Jessica said...

You bet we need a sitter sometimes, ha ha!

Thank you. Cameron, you are so gifted, and I am so honored.