Friday, February 13, 2009


Alert the Media! Owen, my little night waker, slept through the night TWICE this week. This is a miracle. 

Let me preface this story with this thought.  Every single night I think to myself, "self, tonight could be the night that Owen sleeps through the night."  This has been my last thought before bed since, um, maybe July 2008. 

Here's how it went down: 
me: **OMG, it's 4AM and Owen hasn't nursed or stirred yet**

(rustle, flip over, try not to think about a my baby not breathing in his crib)

me: **AHH that thought is too horrible, must wake up husband**
me: "Matt, Owen is still asleep" 
Matt: ereughhh? 
me: "and it's 4AM"
Matt: "that's great honey"
me: "should I check on him?"
Matt: "not if you want to keep sleeping"
me: "okay" 

 -- five minutes of forcing my eyes shut later--

me:**thinking thoughts of baby not breathing in crib...
NO NO push those thoughts away... think of fun dreams and sleeping... WAIT, my breasts hurt, Why do my....** 


me:**crap, my breasts are engorging, great, now I will get a breast infection.... la la la, go to sleep... hold on, I can't get a breast infection NOW after 11 months of nursing... oh no, oh no, continue thinking all types of completely irrational thoughts... 

I get up and get the breast pump, my arch enemy. Pump for 4 minutes, release pressure... 

Matt: "ereerhhh/??"
me: "I had to pump or I was going to get a breast infection" 
Matt: "go back to sleep, honey" 
me: "okay"

Then by some miracle, I fell back asleep and Owen slept until 6:40AM.  That's right 7:40-6:40 BABY!  

NOW WE ARE TALKING and it only took 11.5 months.  I can sense my beauty sleep is just around the corner.... only time will tell.  I wonder if you can guess what my last thought will be before bed tonight? 

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Sarah/Gran said...

That is hilarious! Fast forward 35 years ... I think "it's Saturday. Maybe Matt will call". I think that for several weeks ... phone rings Matt says "Mom" and my heart seems like it dropped to my stomach and I say "what's wrong?". So, see, unfortunately the worry continues for a lifetime!. But it is so worth it!