Sunday, November 1, 2009

Owen's developmental psychology at 20 months

I thought I'd take some notes on Owen's behavior at this age, now 20 months today because I know I'll forget. This is really for myself so that later with the second child we'll find ourselves saying, "when did Owen do that?" Also I think the grandparents like to read stuff like this. All of his behaviors are perfectly normal and age appropriate according to what I've read online. We think he's pretty smart and lots of fun! I should organize these by category, but it's more fun this way.
  • talks/ jabbers constantly, mostly understandable, occasionally hard to know what he's saying.
  • makes 2-3 word sentences and combines two of them to make longer sentences: "night, night Mommy," "See you in the morning." -- "cement mixer." "pours concrete."
  • Yesterday he said "BAA TEET" and we had no idea what he said. It took us until today he said, "want it." "BAA TEET," in the kitchen and then pointed towards the cabinet. I then translated, OH, "special treat" and he repeated, "want it." "BAA Teet." and then added with enthusiasm, "OKAY!!" and nodded his head as if to say, yes, I'll take that now.
  • would sit for hours to listen to stories with anyone who would read to him anytime of the day.
  • very good at self-play with trucks, books and matchbox cars for 30 minutes.
  • knows the difference between a Porsche and a Mustang and can name 10-12 different matchbox cars correctly (Matt taught him).
  • knows colors: blue, purple, red, green, yellow, brown, black, pink, orange
  • can tell you 15 opposites from a book we have and learned them in one day! We were surprised. You can say one of the word (even without the book ) and he'll tell you the opposite word: ex: "neat, MESSY" and "clean, DIRTY" -- not sure if the concepts are there, but I'll test that this week.
  • fake cries when he wants a Popsicle "pop" and can't have one.
  • stops fake crying when you tell him "big boys don't cry" or "remember big brother's don't cry, they tell Mommy what they want" He says, "YEAH" and stops crying.
  • puts toys away in the bath singing, "Bye Bye ____ " fill in the blank with a toy. Sings it to a tune we learned in Music Together class.
  • loves his music together class. Loves *real* music and *kid* music.
  • prefers to do things himself, never has been big on holding my hand to do anything, unless he is really nervous.
  • in a new place, you can put him down and he'll either observe or run around and be social.
  • can tell you the difference between a front-end loader and a bulldozer. LOVES road building vehicles and book about them.
  • adores all trucks and most things with wheels will say "I love Trucks" because we have a book of that same title.
  • doesn't cry when I leave him, instead says, "see ya later, Mommy."
  • is addicted to yogurt raisins. I think he would eat the whole bag.
  • knows his African and other animals: giraffes, elephants, lions, tigers, zebra, gazelles, deer, bears, snakes, birds... many more. Loves to name them during story time.
  • He is extremely attached to a $5.00 orange matchbox garbage truck
  • loves to help Daddy fix anything with tools and toolbox. Gets out the tools and attempts to use them on the object.
  • enjoys the park and thinks he's 4 years old and can climb anything like the big boys.
  • dances and loves music. Can sing songs in tune, woke up one morning and while Matt opened the blind sang, "Good Day Sunshine."
  • Can tell you where we are going when in the car: if we pass where his music class is located he'll say, "music class, music class."
  • goes to bed very easily for nap and bedtime in his crib for anyone who does his routine.
  • Talks to himself more these days as he's falling asleep, maybe thirty minutes at night and 10 minutes at nap time.
  • talks to Kaibee, our dog, when he's alone with her.
  • really loves Kate, my sister, and her husband, Norm. Anytime you ask him who is coming over he replies, "Tía" with great enthusiasm.
  • can take his jacket off himself and put or remove his arms in the arm holes when you are dressing or undressing him.
  • sat without squirming for a haircut for 10 minutes (this surprised Mommy)!
  • fed a giraffe a "cookie" at the African Safari zoo in Cottonwood
  • not scared of Halloween objects or much in general
  • not a big fan of Kaibee barking when he doesn't expect it
  • loves other kids and plays well with them, sharing not really a concept he likes but he seems to tolerate it.
  • doesn't throw tantrums too bad, mostly we can change the topic and he'll stop crying
  • He is obsessed with that orange garbage truck and will FIXATE on it, if we can't find it or if a part pops off it. He sleeps with it most nights these days (dang thing can be pulled apart in two ways, we fix it 100 times a day).
  • starting to run a little faster, doesn't really walk backwards yet
  • can't jump yet
  • wakes up happy and talking, usually about his garbage truck
  • points to things outside the car and identifies them (knows what to expect from certain trips in the car ie: will tell you what's coming up)
  • when at computer asks to see "photos" or play songs from iTunes that he likes, "raindrops" or "yee haw"
  • interesting in potty topics, but not sure if he wants to try it himself.
  • has a limited diet, doesn't love to try new things, but occasionally he will in a setting that is not his usual high chair
  • if you asked him if he pooped, he might say "yes" or "no" and either could be correct, but if you ask him while he's pooping, if he's pooping, he gives you the right answer.
  • seems to understand that there is a baby in my belly. Loves to pull up my shirt and say "baby" or "belly button." Pretty sure he has no idea a real live baby is going to pop out any day now.
  • Will sit and listen to a 10 minute *paper* story, like Babar with lots of words. Used to get anxious while reading these but now prefers longer stories with a plot.
  • Also enjoys simple board books. Can fill in the blanks with most of these books.
  • loves the "Awe shucks" part of the Runaway Bunny book. Repeats that a lot.
  • Yesterday I said, "Daddy is a cowboy" and he replied, "Yee HAW" (I have no idea how he knew that went together- must be in a book?)
  • learning about please and thank you. Says "Thank you, Daddy" sometimes if you give him something.
  • Still uses some Baby Signs for emphasis ex: "MORE MORE" and makes the sign for more or "All done" -- Other signs he still likes, moon, helicopter, airplane, thank you, please.
  • speaking of moon: loves to point out the moon when it's dark outside and talks a lot about the moon when he sees it in stories.
  • loves anything my Mom "performs" for him and always asks for "more more" when she is singing and dancing for him.
  • can pick out family members in photographs.
  • doesn't watch TV or have interest in it much, although with help, I'm sure we could train him to like it. He has a Thomas the Train video that he likes but doesn't really watch it for long. Prefers books, just like Mommy and Daddy.

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