Thursday, June 9, 2011

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That is me finally coming up for air. Harper is 19 months and Owen is 3 years old and some change and I will finally get back to this blog. Admittedly my new iMac keyboard and new iMac are also making me feel the blogging love tonight at 11:41PM .

Guess what people? I've got two kids and they sleep through the night. Let the angels rejoice. I can stay up late and not have to pay the price, I can wake up and teach 5:45AM spinning... but don't give me any medals yet... Harper is still waking once or twice a week at like 3-4AM and saying "Dah-EE or mama." We go in there tell her it's "night night" and reassure her (without touching in theory) and she goes back to sleep. Seriously annoying but hey, I'll take it. I figure at SOME point it will be a month without interruptions.

Maybe I'll just do a stream of conscientiousness post... that's how my brain works anyway.

Harper: Harper is at just about the cutest age ever! I love a year and a half! She is definitely going through a "mama" stage and is feeling some separation anxiety. I SORTA, feel it could be related to our 8 night Costa Rica trip without the kids back in April (was that already 2 months ago)? She is a little more concerned now when I grab my purse and walk to work. HOWEVER, I won't let myself think that because Matt and I had a great time and I would do it again for our marriage and my own personal sanity. To summarize, we went to Costa Rica in April without the kids. We rediscovered ourselves and each other. It was awesome and I got a bonus tan. Grammie and Pop stayed at our house and Tia Kate helped out from time to time. It was glorious. Planning next year's adventure already. I'm thinking of a mountain bike tour next year...or maybe a trip up California's coast... we'll see. Ah yes, back to Harper, her receptive language is amazing...she basically understands everything you say and is just now trying out her words. She says "mama" and "Dah-EE" "OH-wee" (Owen), "Goo" (water). If you ask her how to say water she replies, "Goo." KAI (Kaibee), Dah (dog), AH-side (outside), BA (blankie), Ba-ee (bike), Ah choo, off, on, up, down, Yeah, Ok, a-right (alright), a-SPY-ER (spider), BAh (ball), moon, STA (stars), ouch, hur (hurt), no, no no, more, KA-ker (cracker), a-mee (vitamin), bye, hi, night night. I mustn't forget her two word sentence: "Oh-wee kai-een" (Owen's crying-- happens a lot). She roars like a lion, makes the cutest lamb noise you ever have heard, pants like a dog, meows like a cat. Lately she is obsessed with spiders and makes the cutest "spider" hand gesture when she says the word. She is almost always happy except when you take her bike away from her, then she is pissed. She LOVES her bike. She has a strider bike without pedals and she steers it and sits on the saddle. She wants to do whatever Owen is doing and she lives for when he wakes up from his nap. She barges into his room with authority and says, "Hi, oh Wee." She is strong as hell and is going to be a force to be reckoned with in any athletic endeavor she decided to embrace. We call her our little scrum half. Kate and Norm call her Cobra because she is so fast!

Owen is adjusted to attending Montessori school--finally. He loved the first day and then kept coming home saying, "they don't have any trucks at school," meaning of course, his beloved matchbox cars. Owen talks and talks and talks and talks. Boy could talk himself silly. He knows the names and brands of cars often. Example: "Mommy check out that Subaru." He can spot a VW a mile away. He's been talking a lot about the Concord and how it files at mach II, the speed of sound, Mommy. It's in a book. He gets that from Kate. Mr.-Know-it-all is coming our way. He enjoys his shows on Netflix: Madeline, Bob the Builder, Kipper, Wonder Pets, Backyardagins. We allow him 20minutes or 1 hour of shows over the day. Some days he doesn't watch anything at all but he definitely likes to curl up with Mommy's iPad and kick back on the potty with an episode of Dora. He's 150% potty trained. He sleeps in his undies and never has accidents. He has got to be dehydrated. Kid hardly drinks fact, kid hardly eats food. He eats JUST enough to get by until the next 100 calorie snack. It drives me crazy but I've given up for now. He's a good sleeper, maybe I can train him to eat well as he gets older.

I will post some photos soon. How awful. A photographer who hasn't updated her baby blog with photos of the babies... and I have some really cute ones!

I will finally, FINALLY have storage for all my personal photos of the kids and a computer on which to edit and catalog them. Yippie! So that will help the documentary cause.

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oh my i ache for this day.... we are no where near sleeping through the night. Love your blog!