Monday, November 26, 2007

1st pregnancy photos

Okay so I started a baby blog... just for baby Clark and family photos and my rants about the healthcare for pregnancy, babies, labor/delivery,etc. I smell a documentary photo story coming my way. At some point, I will announce on my "real" blog that I'm pregnant but probably not until after booking season is over. I find vendors and clients think your world will end when you deliver a child. I think my world will just be beginning. I was in the studio shooting on Friday so I had my friend John Running snap off 20 or so frames with my camera so that I could at least get an informal shot of this growing belly. I have scheduled a "real" photo shoot for December with Matt and will continue to get into the studio with frequency now that I have a belly to photograph. I obviously didn't do my hair or makeup for this photo... a la natural...


Joanne said...

Wow!! If I knew getting pregnant made one look so hot, I would have done it a long time ago. Purely for superficial reasons though, how vain of me. You look so beautiful!!! No makeup needed. I'm really excited for you and this blog, I shall live out my curiosity through you. xo joanne

Cameron Clark said...

Thanks Joanne. Showing everyone these photos has been a beneficial exercise in self-esteem!

Anonymous said...

Cam -
You are a beautiful pregnant mama... I wish we lived closwer - I would love to share this time with you.

Mama Eileen said...

Dear Cameron,
You look beautiful and happy.
I know you will be a great la Mama.
I cannot wait to see you again.
I think that the balck and white photo shows your softness and your vulnerablity.
All my love,
Mama Eileen

sarahjoclark said...

Beautiful!!! I am so excited!

Sarah a/k/a Gran