Monday, January 28, 2008


OH oh, I've got to tell you about GREEN smoothies... they are the best. I've been eating so much Kale and collard greens it's ridiculous. I read this book, Green for Life, which talks about all the benefits of green leafy vegetables and how we humans don't eat enough ... so the magic solution, because otherwise greens require cooking, which can lead to losing some nutrition, is to blend 4-5 leaves of any green (kale, collards, dandelions, romaine, spinach, NOT arugula) up in a blender with 8 oz juice + 2-4 oz water, (juice like apple, orange, grape-- preferably something without added sugars) and then add 1-2 bananas and slowly add 1-2 other pieces of fruit: mango, apple, kiwi, orange, pineapple whatever OR (1/2 cup to 1 cup frozen berries), it will appear green but taste like bananas and strawberries AND you are getting all the amino acids of GREEN leafy vegetables, which helps digestion, bowels, REDUCES GRAY HAIR, defies aging and promotes increased stomach acid and has helped people to have more energy and less craving for bad foods. The trick is to change your vegetables daily and mix up your fruits. Too much spinach or anything is never a good thing. Kate & Norm and Matt & I drink at least one a day, 16 oz, if not 32 oz. This way you never have to eat greens. It's great for kids, but start them slow because it can mess up their digestive systems if you add too much greens too fast. Sometimes kids want it to taste a little sweeter so I add a teaspoon or more of agave nectar (it's got way less glycemic index) or maple syrup. I have it for breakfast and it's quick, easy, portable and CHEAP. You can make them at night, shake them up in the AM and they are ready to go. They will keep 1-2 days in the fridge. TRY IT!! I'll post a photo.

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