Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Baby doesn't drink~ !

Q: I'm wondering out there... who else's baby is self-weaning to 2-3 nursing sessions (if you can call it a session) a day and still pretty much refuses the bottle?

A: Owen Wyatt Clark, my baby.

I mean, there was this promising week or two where Owen pounded formula from the sippy cup as if he was a new college student discovering beer. He'd drink it in the stroller, in the car, in the bath, you know, whenever mama wasn't home. Now, he's picky about it all. He doesn't like breast milk in any other container besides breasts so finally one day we stopped trying to feed him my breast milk and went directly to formula and poof he finally drank something... (PS of course, he only likes Earth's Best Organic $32.00 a can formula, he literally won't even touch the other brands even if they are Organic).

So this is his nursing "schedule" HA HA. As if, he's never subscribed to a solid nursing schedule, it's alwyas different everyday but there are some patterns...

6AM nurses first thing when he wakes up, generally for a good amount of time 10-12 minutes per side
occasionally will nurse after his first nap, 10:30-11AM, if I'm home and only for 5 minutes, ten if I'm lucky.
he's beginning to give up his post-second nap nursing too! Today he only nursed for maybe 2 minutes per side, MAYBE.
Then sometimes he nurses before bed, sometimes not... he just refuses most of the time...
midnight, good solid nursing 10-15 minutes then back to bed.

Sooo as you can see, he drinks nothing. His diapers are mostly wet, though, so I'm trying not to worry. Matt and I try to offer the sippy cup OFTEN mostly we get about 4 extra ounces in him a day. What works best for this is to always have the milk out and available for him, so he can think it's "his idea." That reminds me of a cat I had once, who would only cuddle up next to you if she thought it was HER idea.

Juice, you say? Tried it, doesn't like it but we continue to offer it. Interestingly enough, he does like prune juice. He especially likes prune juice from the mini-cans.

I was planning on nursing till Owen quit and I gotta tell you, I'm thinking he's closer than I'd like. I mean, who does he think he is? Quitting me. HA! Plus, who is going to comfort him at mightnight when he's screaming about how much his teeth hurt... waaaa waaaa... enter boobs, silence, shhhh shhh.

PS if you can believe it, we are winding down January here and Owen will be 11 months on Feb. 1!! One more month to his 1st birthday. THAT is crazy talk. But I'm here to tell you it didn't go by fast. Last March seems like a decade ago, if you ask me.

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Gran/Sarah said...

That first year is soooo long. So much work, so little sleep. Ya'll have done great!