Friday, January 30, 2009

Ode To Fuzzi Bunz | My Cloth diaper findings

So I think I said I'd report back when I had solid poop diapers to report.  Well, after months of lovely experience in this department, I have good news.  Fuzzi Bunz diapers still easy! In fact, it smells LESS!  Nasty, who wants a poop-filled diaper sitting around for any length of time? I don't care how many plastic bag diaper sausages you have (aka diaper genie) it's still nasty. 

Here are my findings.  
  1. Fuzzi Bunz rule
  2. Use Charlie's Soap
  3. Follow FB's washing /drying instructions
but what about the poop, cameron? Poop is gross, I don't want to have to "touch" it.  Hey, you are in luck, you don't! 

I told you about the baby poop and how to wash it right in your machine, now comes the mystery with solid poop.  

When your beloved infant begins to eat solid foods, around 6 months or so, the poop changes from the cute yellow sweet smelling (breastfed) poop to "man-sized" poop as my husband has nick named it.  The beautiful thing, if you can handle the word choice, is that solid poop just falls right off the diaper and 
KER-plunk... into the toilet.  FLUSHH.... gone.  Should you be left with some poopy residue, which happens about 25% of the time, I turn the diaper poopy-side down (after first flush) and swish it around a bit and flush again, this time holding the diaper in the middle of the "waterfall" of the toilet. This works great, then you just plop that diaper into the cloth-lined diaper pail and shut the lid.  

I wash diapers every other night and I have 12 FB.  I have a front-loader so I wash on cold "pre-wash" instead of soak and then hot/cold heavy cycle.  I simply take the cloth bag from the pail, and open the washing machine door and stuff the bag inside out into the machine. I never touch anything. Sorta the same concept as doggie poop bags. The diapers wash out so clean it's scary. 

Some FB tips:
  • get the full priced FB because they guarantee them with a great warranty (keep your receipt) and they come with a great insert
  • get 2 cloth can liners, this way while one is washing you'll have another in the hopper. 
  • Get 12-14 FB if you can.  I made it with 8 when he was 0-3 but was washing every night. Get 16 if you are "rich" or you find a good sale, you might only have to wash every 3 nights!
  • buy a water sprayer to wet the wipes (the small bottle kind you use to wet down hair) and 10-12 cloth wipes because if you are washing anyway might as well do the wipes too. 
  • don't feel too bad if you use one disposable per night.  I'm giving you permission. I do it.  We are transitioning to FB at night because now that he sleeps, he doesn't have wet WET diapers every morning
  • change them every 3-4 hours (I do it before his naps)
  • get yourself a wet/dry diaper velcro baggie for when you go out and keep one fully ready FB in your diaper bag. 
  • do not use diaper cream or any lotion on the baby's butt OR dryer sheets... it compromises the functionality of FBs
  • you can take them on vacation!  Especially a weekend trip.  If you have access to a wash machine you are set. My husband knows I go a little crazy if I have to put more than one disposable on my boy.  They are stinky and give rash
Questions? Oh, FB came out with a new "all-in-one" -- I'm skeptical!  I will need to purchase one to find out but 6lbs-30lbs... just doesn't seem reasonable.  I suppose if anyone can do it FuzziBunz can. 

Boy is awake~ ! 

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