Saturday, April 18, 2009

Breastfeeding: when is it over? To wean or not wean... wait, what is the question?

So Owen has decided to shake his head and smile every time I offer him breastfeeding except the first wake-up session. He still likes that (saving grace). This has been going on for the last 3 weeks.

Sometimes the little guy will make the sign for milk and point to my zipper (I'm always wearing a down vest-- our house is cold). I open up shop for nursing and he does his little mischievous "no no no" followed by a signature smile. It's like he wanted to make sure the boobs are still there.

I assure you they are still here.

AND so is some extra fat that decided NOT to turn itself into breastmilk. THIS is the most worrisome part about Owen quitting me. The calories I used to burn making breastmilk.... well, I'm going to have to burn them another way.

Say it ain't so!

I was worried at first for other reasons. I mean it's hard to think they are quitting you. After all the dedication to breastfeeding he's going to quit before Mommy's ready. What about the immunity? The comfort? The calorie burning?


So I'm getting ready. I'm glad he's still nursing in the morning but he's totally given up nursing in our chair together, which is hard since I really loved that time so much. Alas, it does mean more freedom for me, which I guess I'm ready for...


I blame cow's milk. I knew he would like it more. I mean who doesn't love whole milk? I know you are out there thinking,
"eeewwww...I drink skim milk"
but seriously, have you had a hot chocolate with skim and then with whole milk? Take the challenge. You'll side with me. Whole milk tastes good, especially the organic brands.

Actually, I'm glad he's drinking milk regularly from his sippy cup and we hope the fatty cow's milk will put some mean on this bones. I can look forward to my small A-B cups imminent return! This is exciting because jogging with milk-filled C cups is a drag AND it's double sports bra duty.

I also have felt a little more "free" to drink more alcohol and coffee... which is nice. I mean by no means am I a heavy drinker of either but it's a mental shift.

We've still got morning milk but I think it's going away slow but sure...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, Cam... no sympathy here for you having to drag your 'C' cups around... try starting out with D's and then getting pregnant and nursing... ouch!

daralyn said...

12-18 months is a classic time for a nursing strike...don't give up on him yet!

Stroller Strides Flagstaff said...

lily quit right after her 1st bday....i was totally bummed- already not needing me....but its what worked for her so I went with it.heavy heart and all. It is pretty nice to have your boobs back though (in their new form).

Mary Jessica said...

Whatever happens, you are a fantastic mother and the fact you've nursed him this long is really great for both his health and yours! Bravo!

Cameron Clark | C+K Studio said...

turns out Owen stopped nursing as much because I was pregnant and the milk wasn't as plentiful and perhaps changed consistency. We are at 14.5 months and still nursing one time a day in the morning, first thing. He makes the Baby Sign "milk" and definitely wants to nurse. If I happen to be away for the morning (not often) he just goes without. We will continue to nurse in the AM until I decide what to do since I do not intend to tandem nurse an 18 month old and an newborn.

Cameron Clark | C+K Studio said...

PS blog readers. I was pregnant when I wrote this but didn't know it so my supply was changing, etc.