Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Baby Signs and 14 month-old Owen

We are well into the Baby Signs over here and Owen really seems to love signing, in general.  Once he got started learning them, it was really easy to teach him more--you just make the sign as you say the word and he learns it. He's quite the 'talker' as well, although here at 14.5 months he still doesn't really have any true words.  He does have about 45-50 signs, though and loves to sign about all the things he sees in books and outside.  We are working on signing when he's frustrated or upset so he can get what he wants but right now it's mostly during 'happy times.' He did wake up one night (which is strange now that he sleeps through the night) and sign "milk, milk" so I tried to nurse him but he didn't want that. We went downstairs and got some cow's milk in his sippy cup which he proceeded to gulp down 6oz!  He was thirsty and Baby Signs helped!  My favorite sign is 'motorcycle,' which is his hand in the air like a fist moving backward and forward just like a clutch on a motorcycle.  So cute! 
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