Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What to feed a fussy eater? Baby won't eat!

Okay so maybe that is an exaggeration but seriously, this kid is picky.  I tried to do the whole "Super Baby Foods" but around 10 months or so Owen wasn't having ANY spoon fed puréed foods AT ALL.  Used to loved squash, sweet potatoes, even spinach, but NOOOO won't touch it now.  He really fell HARD in love with crackers and cheese.  

In no particular order, that is.  Can one baby live on banana, crackers and cheese?  Stay tuned. 

Okay here's what he eats but not in any particular order and sometimes hates it one day and loves it the next:

pasta w/ marinara  (I get the enriched kind)
crackers (loves Amy's Bunnies)
cheddar cheese (little cubes)
veggie burger
yogurt (although hit or miss big time on this one)
cottage cheese
cream cheese
cow's milk
sweet potato fries and regular french fries
whole wheat bread
peanut butter
apple butter
any cookie you put in front of him
any ice cream you show him
any cake
muffins, zucchini bread, baked goods in general
fried tofu cubes
beans: black, kidney (SOMEtimes)
guacamole n' corn chips

mac n' cheese (whaa?)
hot dogs
chicken anything
mashed potatoes

Any suggestions or sympathy out there in Mommy-land?  I really would like to sneak in more veggies and I do have that Jessica Seinfield book but most of that food is for older kids.  

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Ashley said...

Have you tried making a cheese sauce and pouring it over veggies? I have a good recipe (butter, whole wheat flour, oat milk (regular is fine), nutmeg and any kind of cheese) that Griffin loves. He'll eat anything if it is covered in this stuff. Try spinach and pasta with the sauce on it... Also, we do a lot of egg yolk scrambled with curry and green veggies and sometimes tempeh - he loves that too. Did you say no fish? Griffin really likes white flaky fish - prepared however I make it for us. Grilled/baked/etc.