Tuesday, February 26, 2008

37 Weeks... still working

My friend Katrina Wallace shot this of me at an 80th birthday party we shot in Sedona on Saturday Feb. 16th at the Enchantment Resort. I also went on a PINK JEEP tour the next day with the same folks. Don't worry, all was fine, despite a tad uncomfortable. I toured with the 80 and 85 year old couple (Soooo cute... photos will post on my business blog). This whole family came together from all over the US to share a birthday party on the red rocks for their beloved "Omi" -- ('grandma' in German).

I love that I'm willing to post the most unflattering images of myself on this blog. YUK. Should have some more great whale shots from the last wedding I shot on Feb. 22nd.

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Anonymous said...

you rock mama..love ya dkish