Thursday, February 28, 2008

Still Pregnant: 39 weeks

I am still pregnant! Feeling fine, despite that nasty flu-like thing I got last week. YUCKY! Saw the midwives again yesterday, 39 week visit, and I hadn't gained any weight, despite the fact that it's GIRL SCOUT COOKIE SEASON. I can really feel this baby now all the time...why, you ask, well this week they are guessing 7.5-8 pounds of baby swims in my uterus. Dang little fella keeps getting bigger and boy does s/he like to wedge his/herself into my pelvis, which they tell me is a good thing...

In other news, we had our last Bradley class last night and heard two birth stories... one home birth one hospital birth. Sarah's home birth story went a little like this: Friday night went into labor, Saturday LABORED ALL DAY, Sunday all morning still 3-4 cm... finally Sunday afternoon/evening delivered happy healthy Macy. So all you folks out there-- I gots the feeling that this labor is going to be a long 'un. Most first time mom's have an extended labor process. Probably because your body is thinking, "what the hell is going on here?" I just keep thinking good thing I'm athletic.

Most important is to stay relaxed and calm, which I am. Taking most afternoons slowly and getting as much sleep as possible. I am looking forward to the birth and the challenge that it presents. I can't wait to have my own birth story.

Tomorrow I'm taking some more photos in the studio-- this time the full monte...
Wait until you see how big this belly is... it's hilarious!

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