Sunday, March 16, 2008

Diapers: the cloth episodes

So I am determined NOT to fill the landfill with poopy Pampers. The first two weeks we went through like 150 diapers or something insane. Yes, they wick moisture like the dickens and yes, they are fairly Daddy friendly. Yes, it's easy to toss them in a bag, snap up the onsie and call it a day; however, is this really what's best for the environment, my baby's bottom and most of all my guilty conscience? Nope!
In my noble quest, however, there is a bit of a learning curve and lots of pee on my shirts. I think I've got it now, thanks to my friend Aurora who came over yesterday and helped me learn the ancient art of "pre-folding" diapers. Now the term pre-fold is a bit like clipless bike pedals. Both terms don't make any sense considering the actual application of the item is the opposite of the name itself. The diapers are NOT pre-folded.. YOU have to fold them. The pedals are not clipless-- they indeed have clips. Anywhooo, I digress...the big innovation in diapers in the last 35 years is a little do-dad called a snappy. Yes, snappy is my friend. He holds the diaper in place instead of pins. Pins are for the birds but snappy is for Cameron and the modern mommy. Anyway, so Owen is wearing cute little cloth diapers with a wool cover. They get wet but we change him approximately 2,000 times in one day so it doesn't matter. I would love to hear other reviews and comments about cloth diapers (even though I know no one reads my blog besides my family... one can dream, right)...


Mary Jessica said...

Oh, cloth diapers. The SAGA!!!

I haven't blogged here for awhile - I don't want to take away anything from the Owen stories! - but I think that my next post will be a post on my diapering experience, what works for me, what products I recommend, etc. I'll get that up in the next day or so; maybe you'll find it helpful.


Anonymous said...

this site was created by my friend marlene after she had her first child and entered the cloth diapering world... she has moved one - but i think the site is still worth visiting -

love you guys - and thanks for all the wonderful photos and touching stories. can't wait to meet owen!

Sarah said...

Owen's dad wore cloth diapers - thousands of them!! Thirty-five years ago pampers were not very good and, besides, we couldn't afford them. I used a diaper service for a couple of months - and then just washed cloth diapers. Things have changed alot -I know you worry about the bleach that services use - but we didn't have a problem.

And getting "peed" on...a hazard - did you know they have little things called "tee pees" that one covers their baby boy with? no kidding I saw them at Helix - we just used a wash cloth -