Friday, March 28, 2008

Is it time for more Owen photos?



Well Gran is here this week, and Hollye came up to visit from Phoenix. I need to capture a photo of tia Kate and tia D.kish. It's on my list. This week in Owen news, a bath with Daddy went well in the big tub-- forget those baby baths, he likes hanging in water with Mom and Dad. Also he seems to have calmed down a bit more, don't know if it's from the dairy or if I've been burping him more effectively. I think he's also gotten used to the lovely feeling of pooping. He didn't like it at first. Oh yes, Owen got some Easter ears from Gran (see photo) and also he is wearing a white outfit that was Matt's 35 years ago!! Pretty neat! Deana, our midwife, dropped off that cute hat that she MADE. I don't know a whole lot of doctors that knit hats for their patients... ALSO pretty neat!

I ordered some gDiapers for nights, but have been having great success with the cloth Organic Caboose diapers during the day. I promise to post the birth story photos soon.


Mary Jessica said...

It's ALWAYS time for Owen photos, are you kidding me? The boy is beautiful! I love the utter serenity of the bathtime pic.

Phyllis said...

The picture of Sarah and Baby Owen is so sweet...she is loving holding her son's son in her arms. She has waited a long time for this and we are all so very happy for her.

lil songbird mama said...

Oh my, he looks absolutely delicious!
SOO Cute!