Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Photos of Owen part III

As always click to see bigger images. baby folds
Dad giving tummy time coaching
that smile again...
this is the view I have about 6 hours a day

Hang in there, I'm going to review the Happiest Baby on the Block book once I've finished it-- I read it while I'm nursing. Until then you'll have to enjoy more photos of Owen.

We are settling into our little routine... I'm getting way more sleep this week than last, I can finally put my engagement ring back on (wedding ring still tight), I seem to have lost most of the "jelly belly" and now I'm just left with fat thighs, butt and flabby abs. I know it will all go away with the breastfeeding and walking so I'm fine :) Owen is so fun to just sit and stare at.

I'm planning on switching to the cloth diapers soon... still figuring that out.

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Sarah said...

So sweet...I didn't know one could love someone they had not even met! I am counting the days.