Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby hates car seat

Now I know every other parent in the U.S. is able to drive his/her child around the block and the baby just gets drowsier and drowsier and falls asleep. Not mine. He loathes the car seat. Owen cries the entire time he's in the car (okay that's an exaggeration, 90% of the time). I did another test today (just for giggles) and he cried for 15 minutes, which was the whole car ride. It's hard to hear him back there wailing so we don't get in the car much. My new strategy is to purchase the car seat adapter that is available for my stroller and begin breaking him in with that (he doesn't EXACTLY love the stroller either). Ah Owen... We did have some groundbreaking moments in the stroller yesterday and today. I can put him in the bassinet part on his tummy and he sleeps then when he wakes up, I roll him onto his back and he's happy (or hungry). If you aren't privy to the fabulous stroller I own, check it out at Uppa Baby.

Remind yourself that we live in a downtown community where I can walk to the doctor, hair appointments, dentist, bank, grocery, etc. etc. Thus the stroller is essential to Owen's portability. The car; however, is not. He didn't even ride home in the car from the hospital since we had a a home birth.

My experiments will continue. I am told they "grow out of this" but it's seriously limiting for a Mom and Dad who like to go on adventures that are usually further than walking distance away.

I have found the positive in this. Owen sleeps well in his crib and is getting lots of great non-motion sleep that all the experts say he needs. FYI: sleeping in car seats while they are in motion is poor sleep according to all the experts I've read. They recommend keeping your errands to the late afternoon or at least only once a day, but infants who sleep exclusively in their car seats are NOT getting proper deep restorative sleep. Good thing I'm accustomed to working from home and spending lots of time in our house. Good thing I love our house. Good think we live downtown.

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jennifer said...

ok, this is too much!...Lotus has the same problem and I have been thinking that I am the only one. Anyone that I tell this to says "oh, my baby LOVED the carseat blah blah blah". I am a very active person and this has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with. Unlike you, there isn't much w/in walking distance and I am getting so stir crazy. I find it almost unbearable to listen to her wails in the car and I even rear-ended someone a few weeks ago trying to get her to calm down. This week I decided to stay around the house until she gets better, but it's been rough. Our carrier also fits on her stroller and she doesn't seem to mind walks in it, but it hasn't made car rides any easier - hopefully you will have better luck. Lotus does much better when I am riding in the back with her (which, of course doesn't help when I'm alone). Also, static stations on the radio will calm her TEMPORARILY. I keep hearing the "she'll grow out of it" too and can only hope that's true!