Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Get rid of excess catalogs

Most people probably don't know this about me, but I really hate junk mail, phone solicitations, and spam...I especially despise the *real* junk AKA catalogs you don't want that end up in a landfill or even at your local recycling facility. I'm practically CRAZED about calling the companies and getting off the lists. Just ask Matt. It's one of the reasons he loves me.

What to do? I usually call the number on the catalog and ask to be removed from the mailing list. This takes an extraordinary effort considering the number of catalogs we seem to receive. Every Tom, Dick and Sally is selling my address, apparently.

So I was reading Sunset magazine and well, low and behold, a great new website has emerged to solve this very problem. Just go to

and set yourself up to decline all your catalogs. When you get them, you can put in your customer number and let them do the rest or just simply try to decline using your address. It's really cool. You might notice the link on this blog.

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