Friday, May 9, 2008

Vaccines, Innoculation and the TRUTH

Okay so Owen had his 2 month check up. He's 11 pounds 3 oz (naked) and 23.5 inches. That's 50% for weight and 75% for height. He's a growing boy!

Since we had a home birth, Owen didn't get the hep-B shot that hospitals give babies at birth (we also opted out of the eye ointment, the Vitamin K shot and he's not circumcised just to bring you up to speed). I need to write a post about circumcision.. I will. So we are just now crossing the vaccination bridge. Oh what a bridge it is! I am diving in head first into both sides of this gnarly issue. Man, parenting is really cutting into my pleasure book reading time. Our doctor will let us make our own decision about the vaccinations so long as I'm informed. Our state will allows parents to opt out of vaccination.

So I went to the 2 month appointment pretty sure I was going to do the DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) and Hib (nasty new meningitis: infections of blood, brain joints or lungs). I couldn't do any of them, Yet. I'm definitely caught between a rock and a hard place on this issue. I don't want Owen to be a public health risk nor do I want him to die of the measles but I have to do more research before injecting my son with all sorts of random medical acronyms. I just can't ignore some personal accounts I've read and heard. I just can't take the FDA and CDC at face value. Everyone has a motive, right? Hopefully the conclusion will be that FDA and CDC has the best intentions in mind for my son, right? I know it's way more complicated than that. Where vaccines are concerned, big drug companies are making a huge profit when their vaccine makes it to the "must-have" list, right? Where money can be made, greed will flourish, when greed is flourishing the bottom line is not what's really truly BEST for my son, or yours, but rather what's best for someone else's pocket. Money, I believe, is the root of all evil, so with that in mind, I must dig deeper and find out the advantages and disadvantages to both sides. If anyone has opinions or resources, please, let's get this conversation started. I just believe deep down this industry is reactive instead of proactive. That's it's history, anyway. You can't dispute that. It's hard to know what epidurals, ultrasounds, mercury and increased inoculations have done to our kids until a generation or TWO or THREE have gone by. It seems that we have eradicated polio, measles and much much more. What a public health success story! Then again, we have new strains of old diseases and many more cases of Autism and ADD/ADHD and more. Oh, but maybe they weren't "counting" the cases of Autism property before recent times. Okay, then, where are all the Autistic adults? Don't eat tuna when you are pregnant but it's perfectly safe to shoot your 8 lb baby up with mercury laced vaccines. Something is fishy here and I intend to find some truth, maybe not the whole truth, but enough truth to make a decision. Stay tuned....
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Mary Jessica said...

Hey there! I'm a fan of delayed vaccines, myself, and skipping some entirely (ie: new rotavirus vaccine? No thank you, though I appreciate the offer).

T isn't circumcised either. Hear, hear!

jennifer said...

hi...we opted out of vaccines as are a few websites that we used to research, but I have many, many more if you need them.


genevieve said...

Hey, you should check out "VACCINES, Are They Really Safe And Effective?" by Neil Z. Miller. Pharmaceutical companies are amongst the top money making industries in the world. They have power!