Friday, April 25, 2008

Book Review: Secrets of the Baby Whisperer

Book Review!
So I read from cover to cover, Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with your Baby by Tracy Hogg. I loved this book. I wish I had read it the week before I delivered Owen. She has great advice about being in the hospital and coming home with your baby as well as preparing for having a nanny, organizing the baby room, etc.

It also has similar scheduling advice as Babywise but presented in a much more loving and gentle way. A few pieces of advice that I took away from this book
1) treat your baby with Respect, talk to them, tell them what you are doing to them (ie: changing their diaper). They are little people and they should be treated as such
2) Babies have different cries if you are patient enough to listen to them and figure them out. When they cry, don't just stick a breast in their face to calm them, listen to what they are telling you and then respond accordingly. This has helped me tremendously, even though Owen doesn't "comfort" nurse.
3) Get a loose schedule going of eat, awake, sleep and most importantly YOU Time. Hogg calls this the E.A.S.Y. program. What I do is feed Owen every 3 hours and in between he gets sleep time and play time.

I am a self-help junkie, YES YES I know but I am like this with my business, I was like this with the dog and well, I'm like this with our relationship. It's funny, I guess but usually I get some good advice along the way. Here's an Owen video to tide you over. Oh and we went for a hike today with my Mom...


Sarah said...

Precious! He has grown so much...more!

Aunt Phyllis said...

Soooo sweet!

Vovo Mike said...

It is clear that OWC will be a thoughtful orator as an adult.

Mary Jessica said...

I'll post soon, I swear!

I just want to pop in and ask: how do you look so dang good so soon after giving birth? It hardly seems fair.

xoxo MJ

Cameron Clark said...

HA. look good? Must be because I'm hiding behind my husband's hiney. Actually the weight loss thing has been insane. I've already dropped like 33 pounds since March 1st! All I do is go for 3-4 one hour walks per week. Oh yeah, and make a ton of breast milk. Why hasn't some scientist harnessed this breastfeeding phenom? Big boobs and skinny thighs? Count me in.