Monday, April 28, 2008

Cry it Out (CIO): Owen vs. Sleep part III

You may not know this but I am a believer in the CIO (cry it out) method of getting Owen to sleep. We'll see if I can put it into practice. HA HA. It all sounds easier said than done. Since Owen was fussy during the early weeks and cried even when you held him and rocked him, it's easier to put him down and let him cry because it seems he'll cry one way or another.

When he is screeching, I find it much harder to let him screech vs. the waa waa type of cry but I've been reading this blog, Chronicles of a Babywise Mom for inspiration. Basically, this mom encourages you to start with CIO and just keep on keeping on. Let me tell you friends, I am serious about my sleep but I'm not sure I can be as vigilant as she is; however, I cannot continue sleeping with 2 hour interruptions in 6 months. I just can't. I think I will melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz.

In my 8 weeks of experience, Owen does have a magic window as discussed by the Sleep Lady if I miss this window it become infinitely HARDER for him to nap or go to bed at night. So you have to keep a watch on the clock: he is now able to have awake time for 1.5 hours, an improvement, for sure. For all you mom's struggling out there I'll post his *rough* schedule -- it was hard for me to get a routine down but I think of it like this, all the other errands I'd love to be out doing will happen when he has more awake time. For now sleep is more important for a growing baby. Right now, I'm his mommy and that's the first priority, everything else takes a back seat.

Owen sleeps on his tummy. He sleeps way better this way. I do worry about SIDS but frankly I slept on my tummy so did Matt and so did you, reader. This stuff about sleeping on the back is great IF your baby will sleep on his back, but Owen won't. If you are going to attempt this you should know what my pediatrician and midwife told me:

1) no loose blankets
2) baby must have GREAT and strong head control and be able to pick his head up and move it easily to the other side and vice versa
3) room should be warm but not too warm
4) have a firm mattress with tight fitting sheet
5) make this decision knowing that the stats show 60% less SIDS while sleeping on back.
6) baby should be 10 pounds (rough guideline)

Typical schedule

10PM down for bed-- up every 2-3 hours to nurse for 10-20 minutes but right back to sleep. Hoping to reduce this to one nursing interruption by 12 weeks but for now he seems hungry and goes right back to sleep, so it works for me.

5AM: inevitable grunting and awakening -- usually I try to let him "work this out on his own" but occasionally he needs to be propped up a tad (boppy). I THINK he's experiencing his bowels beginning to move after a nights rest.
6AM awake and talking, I nurse him if I didn't at the 5AM grunt session
7:15-7:30 - down for a one hour nap (Owen determined this nap session, he just likes to sleep for a quick hour here)
8:30 awake, I talk to him, he talks back, a good time for bouncy chair or Baby Bjorn and I nurse him after 2 hours from his last feeding.
10-10:30AM nap time -- put him down for a nap and let him cry if he doesn't like it. I don't pick him up unless it's screeching. Repeat until he sleeps.
Noon: usually he wakes up after 2 hours, nurse 20 minutes
12:30: awake time
2:00PM put him down for a nap (again, I let him cry -- it lasts no longer than 10 minutes and is typically the ahhh whaaa type, personally I think he's talking to me)
4PM awake, nurse him
4:30: awake time
6PM: nap time (this one is tough because at night he's fussier and resists more) I plan to be firm about letting him cry through this session in the future.
8PM awake - nurse,
8:30: play, massage, bath time, change clothes, swaddle, sing to him. We are in the process of establishing a firm night time routine so we can eventually hand this over to a babysitter and get out for an evening. At 3-4 months I will move his bed time closer to 7PM, as most babies apparently begin to sleep 12 hours (HAHA, I laugh at this notion)
10PM: nurse and a put to bed in his crib in the other room (formally bassinet)

Notes: if he wakes up early from his nap, I let him cry for a while, but if he's gotten 45 minutes of sleep, I let him stay in his crib on his back if he'll be content (sometimes) otherwise, it's up to play until next feeding time or at least 2 hours from last nursing. I've read that every 45 minutes babies experience "active" sleep where they come out of a deep sleep and drift into a short period of light sleep where they are liable to make some noises, cry and shift around. Don't touch them for 5 minutes during this time... see if they put themselves back to sleep or alternatively go in and pat, pat, pat their back until they quiet down.

Any advice, or comments are welcome here : )


Sarah/Gran said...

I wrote in Matt's baby book that he was four months old the first time he slept through the night. I'm glad I wrote it down because mostly I blocked the first six months from my memory. I thought it was hell on earth. The thought of a spiked bottle crossed my mind...bless you for working so hard at it...I promise it will get better...

Mary Jessica said...

You're doing just fine - honestly, I think that this is just the way it is in these early months, and it's our jobs as parents to just plow through, give them love, and survive ourselves - by any means necessary! (Well, you know what I mean.)

I don't think Tommy slept through the night until maybe 5 months? I'm not sure - I think I wrote it down somewhere too, because it blew my mind! He didn't start automatically sleeping through the night every night after doing it once, either, but it was a start.

Just hang in there, keep doing what works for you, and give that baby some smooches for me!

Pop said...

I remember getting up in the wee hours and giving Matt a bottle. Sometimes we'd both go to sleep in the rocker. It was kind of like having your cake and eating it, too.


Drew said...

I am the proud father of a new baby boy, AADEN. He is 6 days old. I am having a tough time adjusting to the fact that his mom can colsole him, but I rarely can. I am not wound up, or angry/irritated; but after trying for a while and giving the baby to mom, she senses my irritation, I guess. At any rate, does anyone have suggestions or advice? I just want my baby to run to daddy every once in a while instead of the opposite. I read that this "jealousy" is normal but irrational. I just want to have a close bond with my son.

With Regards


PS-I am inspired by your story (ie. Olympics)

Cameron Clark said...

Hi Drew!
Did you see the post on the "Happiest Baby on the Block" book by Dr. Harvey Karp-? Try this link. What worked for our baby was swaddling and white noise... bathroom fans, a white noise machine, shusshing in his ear. He also loved the hair dryer-- not too close to his head, but this would "switch" him from crying to calm in an instant (or the vacuum cleaner). Make sure your swaddling tightly with the arms at his side. Dr. Karp has an hour video to go along with his book and it helped to watch this video in regards to Daddy's calming the baby. Karp talks to real couples and show real babies being calmed. The swing hardly ever worked for Owen but I hear people have great success with that.

jennifer said...

Hi Cameron...from day 1 Lotus had a hard time sleeping on her back, and after consulting my midwife and pedi we decided to let her tummy sleep as well...every now and then I worry about SIDS, but otherwise she slept horribly...currently, Lotus co-sleeps from 8-ish to 7-ish with usually 3 to 4 nightwakings to nurse, but she can be very unpredictable - last week she went 9 hours at night without nursing (with the occasional "i want my pacifier" stirring). I envy your nap schedule and hope that with room darkening shades I will eventually get her to nap in her crib - right now our room is very bright during the day and she is just too inquisitive to sleep.


Cameron Clark said...

Hi Jennifer!
I am down to 2 night wakings and Owen is sleeping in his crib. I just couldn't sleep well with him next to me all night. His naps are not yet organized and won't be until 4 months (Sleep Lady and pedi agree) and he take between 3-5 naps a day ranging from 45 minutes to 3 hours (most are about an hour). The schedule I posted was just what he was up to that week. I think the room darkening shades help and we use a little white noise that is on a timer (so it's not a sleep crutch). Thank you so much for you comments. I'm glad it helps. Owen has also been going to sleep drowsy but awake during the daytime and he doesn't cry about it anymore... although somtimes his late afternoon nap can make him cry-- they are just talking to you. I"ll write a sleep update post.

Anonymous said...

Too funnny! I don;t beleive in the CIO method-does not work for my Owen-he is the Sleep Fighting champion! It must be the name, I think it is that they are babies:o) He is 11 months old now. He never took naps in the daytime and went through an all night sleeping phase and months ago began night waking again. Thanks for sharing this! Carrie