Saturday, April 12, 2008

Owen and his Grandparents

My Dad was here visiting for a week and prior to that Sarah, Matt's Mom was here for a week. Bill, Matt's Dad was also here for a night visiting. All grandparents love to hold Owen when he's sleeping.
Grandpa Clark!
Gran's hands
me talking to my son in his cute stripe outfit
vovo Mike


Mary Jessica said...

I love that last photo of him sleeping, especially. I have so many photos of Tommy while he's asleep!

That just made me remember something funny: once, when he still slept in the co-sleeper next to our bed, I was up at night with the laptop, getting all sniffy and sentimental while looking at some photos of my little angel - instead of staring right at the real live baby himself!

Anonymous said...

Just saw the photo of Owen with vovo Mike, he's really cute; Owen is cute too.

Sarah/Gran said...

I love every picture of Owen - I wish I could hold him - even if he is crying - or especially if he is crying so I could help ya'll...