Sunday, April 20, 2008

Owen and Daddy & the sleep chronicles

cute little series of Owen

Oh oh Oh! Owen is 7 weeks now and finally doing better and fussing less, I can almost taste a 5 hour sleep stretch! Yum yum! He's napping better and seems to be happier and has more awake time. I've made the transition to having him nap in his crib a few times during the day (with some success) and well, frankly I can't wait for him to sleep in his crib all night by himself. I mean, it's cute when he sleeps with me but I just don't want to sacrifice my "husband" time at night plus he wakes up at 5:30AM every morning despite a 4AM nursing (could be the daylight) only to grunt for an hour while he prepares himself for his morning 6AMpoop. Obviously this wakes me up but if he was in the other room he could just grunt away! I am starting to see his biorhythms fall into place, which is exciting because it means MORE SLEEP for me. I have to admit, since I take one nap with him during the day, I'm not THAT sleep deprived. I actually feel okay. I don't feel like I just got 12 hours of uninterrupted dreamy sleep, but I also am not exhausted, so life is way better than expected. EVERYONE and their brother will tell you "get ready to be sleep deprived" AND "sleep when the baby sleeps." My advice for new mothers? Buy a food warming lamp because it seems I can never get a hot meal in, but alas, I'll eat anything at any temperature as long as I didn't have to cook it. THANK GOD Matt is a great cook and proficient at laundry duty. He's been critical! Also I don't think I could've made it through the labor or this first 7 weeks without my friend Dawn who just launched her new website so check that out. Dawn has made me lunch, brought me lunch, made us dinner, taken my dog for countless walks, listened to my boring baby stories and overall been a great friend.


Aunt Phyllis said...

So adorable! He's beginning to look like a little boy! Can't wait to meet him! XOXOXO

P.S. I'm anxious to see y'all, too.

Sarah/Gran said...

He's so cute! We need a picture of Owen and Auntie Dawn - both wearing their "ears"...