Wednesday, April 23, 2008

When Mommy's Mommy is here

My Mom is here for a week, and it's been great and she's only been here two days. I've already learned so much from her. She is a wiz with kids and babies and reminded me of my baby manners. I forgot that they just want to play with you.

1) Babies love to hear you talk to them. Talk to them all the time when they are awake
2) Get closer-- babies have bad eye sight but they can focus at closer distances. Little Owen loves it when I get really close and talk right to him.
3) When they are crying, pay attention and begin to identify different cries and what they mean.
4) Sing to them -- oh boy does my Mom have some great songs for Owen and he loves them. I've been singing the Sound of Music and South Pacific to him... because I know all the old musical tunes by heart.

This visit with my Mom reminded me that we've lost touch with our families as a society. It used to be that your Mom, sister, neighbor and grandmother came over and helped you with baby. They made you dinner, cleaned your house and let you nap...and they lived just a phone call away. Now we have lactation consultations, bouncy chairs, swings and car seats. As a result, we all spend less time around babies and have lost the art of "babytalk." I think we even forgot how to put the baby on the floor on a blanket and let them be entertained by your voice. It's kinda funny when you think about it, all the products and gizmos on the market now to "help" the modern Mom. Luckily my family has come in waves, one week Matt's Mom, next week my Dad and now my Mom is here. It's been nice to have the help and lucky for me, my sister Kate lives around the corner. Good friends are the new "family" for most new Moms...

TiĆ” Kate
The look on Matt's face is priceless (Owen is crying)
typical morning: laptop, Owen in Moby wrap chatting with sis..
too bad I cut off her neck...
TUMMY TIME: look at that great head control!
(I love that my Mom is wearing my old Grateful Dead t-shirt, it make her look like a hippie Mom)

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Sarah said...

Moms are the best! I'm so happy for you, Kate and your mom having such a good time with little Owen and each other.